Not everyone has the same goals, but anyone can sure train like a champion. Becoming the best version of yourself is the main goal...and I want to help you get there.

My promise is to provide the most honest guidance you're going to find in the industry  and to help you maximize your fitness. All you need to do is put in the work.

""Run like there's a snake in your boots."



Cameron inspires me to be better everyday. He truly cares about making real long term progress. He encourages me to be patient...and sure enough, I’ve started seeing results.
— Erika P.
He really cares for the clients he works with and wants each client to achieve their goal.
— Taylor B.
I enjoy the experience being able to work one on one with him. He really pays attention to form as well as progressive overload to stimulate the muscles.
— Peter M.
I watched Cameron grow in 10 gym with the members and watched how he would pose and make his body transform into a very attainable physique.
— Chris M.



I believe in being the most honest personal trainer in training myself and others. Simply put, clear hearts and clear minds build better bodies. I’ll only ever recommend workouts, products, nutrion, and lifestyle changes that I would be willing to do myself. 


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About Me


MY NAME IS cameron

Fitness started for me in Oklahoma. I come from a small town with no fancy gyms or group fitness classes. I played football for El Reno High School and soon started developing a passion for lifting weights after I realized I wanted to make significant changes to my build at the time. My fitness inspiration has and always will be Arnold Schwarzenneger and Scooby Werkstatt and I appreciate the basic exercises and not making fitness to complicated. I like building natural muscle and always encourage others to join me in the same journey of being healthy, happy, and better.

"Get Better Today."


The Fitness Cowboy